Rosewill 16x DVD Burners - any information?

Can anyone tell me anything good/bad about these? I’m trying to get a dvd burner that is decent as cheap as possible.


I’ve got a rosewill radeon 9600 that rocks - and my wife is using rosewill memory in her computer - at new egg it seems to get good marks. . .

It looks like an Aopen 1608/ARR.
Still waiting on CDFreaks to post a review on this drive…

So is the Aopen 1608/ARR a BenQ DW1620A OEM or is the Aopen it’s own drive? Confusing the heck out of me. I know the NU Technology DDW-163 (or whatever the model number is) is a BenQ OEM. (I wish I had known this when buying mine, could’ve saved a few bucks for the cheaper Nu Tech drive and just cross-flashed it over to a BenQ, hehe.)

It’s based on Ricoh design. :slight_smile: