Rosetta Stone language disk woes!

I am trying to make a 1:1 backup of my rosetta stone spanish levels 1,2,3 language disks. Can anyone explain how to sucessfully make a working back-up copy that doesn’t need Daemon Tools or such for emulation?

I read the image with the retail version of alcohol120% version 1.9.6 build 4719 at 1x and 4x with my Lite-On SOHR 5238v and burned it with my Lite-On at 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x, but nothing seems to work.

Alcohol settings are:

Emulation Tab

Ignore media (checked)
Launch burning features of Alcohol (unchecked)
RMPS (checked)

Extra Emulation Tab

Everything is unchecked

Burn Image Wizard

Write method is RAW DAO
Enable buffer underrun is checked
Burn RMPS to recordable media is checked

Datatype is SafeDisk 2/3/4

When I insert in my new laptop I still get the “Needs RMPS2_0” error message no matter how fast or slow I burn the image. I can load the burned disks on my PC with alcohol but not on my virgin laptop. I there a sequence of steps that I need to follow in order to produce a working 1:1 copy of the language disks?

I also tried to burn with my Plextor 230a at 16x, but still no luck. Is it my procedure, burners/readers or what?

Any help will be appreiciated.

Previous threads on this subject haven’t been helpful to you?

I read all the posts that I could find on the subject and most have been very helpful, but maybe I missed one that explained the 1:1 no emulation backup process.

Try using the plain old safedisc datatype with your Lite-on and make sure that you have Ignore media type checked if running the program with a back-up disc from a burner (not necessary if you use an ordinary cd/dvd rom).