Rosetta Stone Help

This may be a pretty dumb question to some but i need some help here. I have rosetta stone japanese levels 1 and 2. As i’m running through the program i notice there is no english translation for the words… just japanese words and pictures, I understand this sounds dumb… but is there a way to see the english translation to what they are trying to teach? I understand the simple pictures like dog, cat, boy, etc… but there are some with long phrases and i cant detect exactly what they are trying to say. Help?

Have you read through the manual? That would be the place one would first start looking at. Also check their company site as well.

No, it does not. It is complete immersion Software. No english what so ever. It is actually a good language program, but you may wish to get yourself a Japanese to English Dictionary to help you decipher some of the words.