Rosetta stone application cannot read ISO file on CD

I downloaded Rosetta Stone version 3.3.5 with a crack. I also downloaded the language files (ISO’s) that work with version 3.3.5. I installed the rosettastone.exe file and made sure to cancel any update it asked for me to agree to. When running the application it asks me to insert language CD into disc drive. I burned the ISO file to CD using both Nero 10 and Imgburn. On Imgburn I made sure to burn the ISO as an image file. When I insert the CD in the disc drive the autoplay shows 4 folders including the language files. The issue is that the Rosetta Stone program does not recognize that the CD is inserted. It says “the language CD was not found to install”. I tried mounting the ISO file using VirtualCloneDrive. However, I cannot get Rosetta Stone to look anywhere other than my CD drive. Any ideas how to get Rosetta Stone to read the CD? Or a way to have RS look for the files in another location? Thank you for your help.

Sorry deeheep, but we cannot help with illegally obtained software. Discussions of cracked software is simply not allowed on these forums.

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