Rootkits help!

i need help trying to get rid of two root kits my computer located. i am very lost but i have been searching online all night. just figured i’d give asking a shot. also do i need to get rid of them. or can i be safe with them on here while i am fully connected to the internet

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When did you get the warning about the infection? For example, did it only appear while browsing the Internet or a particular website or does the warning appear after booting the PC before opening your web browser? Unfortunately, there is a lot of scare-tactic type advertising going on, such as when opening an affected webpage, suddenly a new window opens with a large animated image appearing like a scanner finding several serious infections and trying to get the user to purchase/download its rogue “cleaner” tool.

If you don’t have a virus checker present, try Avast Home edition. After it installs or if you have it already, have it carry out a boot-time scan (it will also ask during installation), which is usefully quite effective at cleaning stubborn infections, including rootkits. Note that AVG Home edition does not have rootkit detection.

One fairly good tool at cleaning Rootkits is Combofix, but I would suggest only running this tool as a last resort or if you are prepared to reinstall should it go badly wrong. If you use this, be sure to follow its usage guide and warnings carefully.

You might also like GMER or RootRepeal if you have AVG Home.
Ditto with Seán on Combofix.

@Seán;This is completely off topic but thanks for the inline image posting how to.