Rootkit Malware Roosts on Windows XP Systems



While XP now accounts for about 58 percent of all Windows systems in use, 74 percent of the rootkit infections found by Avast were on XP machines.


I’m sure that once windows Vista/7 have been around for 5 years, they’ll be virus/malware magnets too …

I used to do a format & restore of Windows XP at least once 12 months (and also because that’s how often I upgraded my HDD), which eliminated niggling issues which Microsoft managed to sneak in with their updates …

Most people have their PC’s for 3-5years without basic maintenance like disk scans or even a defrag … what evidence is there that suggests these same users can figure out how to install antivirus …

Not to mention that XP was so successful, that perhaps 50% of copies were pirated, and stuck at Service Pack 2… due to the annoying WGA system tray nag program introduced in Service pack 3.


I hear you on the maintenance :iagree: I myself have always done maintenance on all my rigs on a regular basis, not because of virus/malware issues but rather I like my system running at top performance at all times. :bigsmile: