Root menu button on remote not working in a menu

This time a fairly simple issue (I hope). I redesigned a menu using Sony DVD Architect 4.0a. This program is quite useful for redoing menus because it is easy to make a dummy dvd (to contain the new menu) although overall it is a fairly poor and un-user friendly application.

I’ve just redone a special features menu using DVD Architect and while I’ve been able to import this into my main DVDRemake project and tweak almost all of the navigation so that it works ok there is still one problem. When I play a test of my remade dvd, the root menu button on my remote does not work in the redone special features menu (although the title menu button does work). Both title and root menu buttons on my remote work fine in all other menus AND Both title and root menu buttons on my remote work fine when running the original of the redone menu (in the original dvd).

I presume the root menu button functionality was removed somehow by DVD Architect while I was redesigning the menu. I went back to DVD Architect to see if there was any setting I could alter to fix the problem but I could find nothing

Pressing root menu on the remote takes you to the root menu of the VTS (if there is one). If in a root menu, it will resume.

Pressing a button in a menu that calls the root menu should do just that, if the root menu exists.

The only other things possibly inhibiting this would be PUOps. Check for them.


There is a menu I’ve designated as the root menu in the single VTS in the DVD. Pressing a button in a menu that calls the root menu does NOT call the root menu even though that root menu exists. Pressing that same button to call the root menu DOES call the root menu when I am in any menu OTHER than the special features one.

What are ‘PUOps’, how might they inhibit the operation of remote buttons and how to I find them?

I still suspect that something was done by DVD Architect to disrupt the navigation of the menu when I redisigned it.

Suddenly a quick solution thanks to blutach! Just after my reply I realised what PUOps are - this is an acronym for ‘Prohibited User Operations’. I checked PUOps for the special features menu in DVDRemake and found that somehow a number of items were ticked. I cleared all these and now both title and root menu buttons are enabled. Ah, knowledge is power. It would never have occured to me to think of PUOps as a possible cause of my problem.

How nice it is to find a user group that provides such good advice.

The only PUOps I run are:

Menu Domain - 196 (title play, next pgn, prev pgn)
Titles domain - 4 (title play)

The reason I inhibit title play is that many DVDs are not authored properly - especially ones with advanced protection - and require certain registers to be set on entry. So, I prefer to get to a title via a menu.

I inhibit next/prev pgn in the menus for multi-celled menus. I prefer to navigate menus via buttons (that’s what they were designed for) and not via the next / prev button on the remote - again, the idea is correct navigation always.