ok i try to download sum stuff from mirc but it says i need a voice :confused:
what the hell is a voice???
i’m a beginner at mirc so… :sad:
what i have to do to get that voice?
and it would be great if someone knew any good tutorials for rookie’s

Here ya go

The operators of the channel have to ‘voice’ you before you can download. In most IRC channels dedicated to file sharing, you have to be serving/sharing yourself before you can be voiced. Some will still allow leeching only. But not many.

If you get in UNDERNET, many of the mp3 channels there are leecher channels.

As I said: “Some will still allow leeching only”. But the number of channels that don’t allow you to leech without sharing is growing daily. And many of the better channels with access to larger shares don’t allow leech only mode any longer.

I hope you are going to some channel with legal downloads. We do not encourage downloading of illegal material.

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