Rome: TW

I’ve been having some major problems imaging rome. I’ve tried alcohol, I’ve tried cloneCD, but no matter what my disc speed drops down to .2x ish (2kb/s) and then to zero. I don’t know what’s going on w/ it. Help?

are you able to copy a normal CD ? is DMA enabled on both IDE channels ? try nero…my guide
or burnatonce my guide

I’m just trying to write the disc image to the HD. Burining is the least of my worries right now. Sorry for a lack of clarity. Nero does not work on the imaging. Any suggestions?

I’m in the same boat you are… all I can say is check out: . This copy protection is pretty evil and by evil I mean well made. I’ve got one of the burners that the experts say won’t burn it w/o special measures so I’m going to find out what those are. Right now I am using Disc Dump which can be found at to make the image. The speed is normal and the image is fine and so is burning and installation. When I run the game I get this error that says “CD/DVD emulation software detected. Please disable” and I have nothing running at all. It’s clever, keep reading the guides and trying new techniques… that’s how ways around the protection are found. Good luck.