Rome Total War with no CD

I have already backed up my Rome Total War 3 cds… now I would like to know if it’s possible to play it without CD as I do with Lego Star Wars 2…(my son’s games)…
Can I use Alcohol 52 and use “safedisc profiles” to make image… and then what??

It works well with the back up cd and CloneCd… hide media…


There shouldn’t be any problem with rome total war and Alcohol 52%. Create the image using SafeDisc profile and mount it in Alcohol’s virtual drive.

…as usual your answer is correct :slight_smile:

Thanks Kalas…

Hi, (Kalas?)
I have a new computer and a new burner… now it’s the Pioneer 115DBK
Is the procedure still the same, as it seems the process does not work.

I waited 14 minutes, but only gets disc read error in the latest Alcohol…safedisc profile

Should I wait further, until all these disk error are gone…?


…need help guys… after 20 minutes i stopped the image wizard.

I do not know why it did not work, as it did on XP and the old LiteOn 1653S.

I hope, once again, that the forum can solvethe issue as usual :slight_smile:


…see also here:

I hope this is not considered double posting… :slight_smile:


After a couple of mails with Dave from Alcohol supoort (thanks 1000 times for answering on a sunday)

I finally managed to make images of the 3 CDs

It works fine when I mount the image in Alcohol with the CD1 in the drive, but I cannot play it without CD as I could in the old PC.

I use Clone CD to hide CDr Media, but it still ask me to insert the correct CD…

It worked before not now… what did I wrong?

It’s important to let it run without CD, my son is 7 and cannot find out to insert cd and play… but he can click on the icins of Clone CD and RTW on the desktop… :wink:


Turn off CloneCD’s hide cdr media. It’s unnecessary if you’re running the game from a mounted image and may well be blacklisted. Also, make sure that you install the game from the mounted image as many safedisc protected games are hotwired to run only from the installation drive.

I made a new image with Alcohol52, but my burner is not supported, (reported to Alcohol and their Dev. Dept. is looking into it)

In my previous PC and with LiteOn, I used Clone CD to hide, and worked perfectly.
Now on Vista and Pioneer 115D it does not anymore.

If I d not use Clone CD it does never work.
I installed the game from the image made but no success.'
It actually worked 1 out of 10 times.

Probably the image made is not 100% ok, so I will try with a new one.

I received a lot of disc error and took hours to make it in CD1, CD2 and 3 was made in few minutes.

It worked without any issue with XP and LiteON…