Rome Total War problems


I have Rome Total War, and when i click on continue campaign, it goes to the loading screen as normal, then goes to another loading screen without a quote, and then it crashes after loading about a quarter. I reformatted the PC and now it doesnt work.

Any help would be great.


Not to worry, ive re-formatted and the saves work. Now to try the sims 2 !!

Can someone delete/close this thread?

Ok, i have another problem but this time its not actually a technical problem. My RomeTW cd3 decided to fuck up, and I installed it on another pc in my house. I transferred all the files onto a DVD, then put it onto my PC, and i play off of CD1. Now, when I try to install the RomeTW patch, it says the product is not installed.

Could someone post RomeTW reg entries? All you have to do is got to regedit then search for rome then export.

Thanks a lot!!!

why not just re-install from the original discs?

My RomeTW cd3 decided to fuck up



I will do it for you.

If you tell me specifically where to look in regedit I will do it for you. When I search for “rome” I get too many entries and can’t find it.

I just got a new computer and I installed the game smoothly. But when ever I go to do a battle like in the tuturial or quick battle the game dosent respond and it just shut off. Dose any one now whats rong cause im realy geting pissed at this game.

what are your system stats?
how do they reflect against the min stats for the game?

considering that many games store cd-keys in the registry, you might want to be careful with that :wink:

hi i wld like some help with a problem i hav with total war games,
i have just installed them on a pc but cant get them 2 run/play,
the pc is a amd2500+ 512 ddr ram geforce7600gs card.
I seem 2 hav probs with 3d games

i have a question about rome total war problems on vista,
when i try to install rome total war gold edition about half way till the end a pop-up appears and says that i have a data corruption problem with file and i was wondering if you could help me with this because pc and game are about 3 weeks old now.

sorry if im off topic or confusing im new to forums as a whole…thanks for the help!!!