Rome Total War Issue

I’ve never seen this before and think it warrants a post. I am trying to make a backup of Rome Total War. I copied all of the disks fine using Clonecd for #'s 2 and 3 and Disk Dump and BaO to burn disk 1 (the play disk) on my weak NEC DVD-RW ND-1300A. I installed using the backups and when I went to run the game an error came up saying “Emulation software detected. Please disable…” I’m not running Daemon Tools or anything like that. No virtual drives. I thought it might have been some extra protection on the game that was enabling it to “know” that I was using a CD-r and not he real game. So I reinstalled with the original disks and went to play it with the original and the same error came up. Again, I am running no virtual drives.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

If you do not have the latest release of CloneCD try updating, it is also possibly caused by the “Hide CD-R” option in the CloneCD tray. Right click the CloneCD tray icon and uncheck “Hide CD-R media” and retest.
If you have previously had the CloneCD virtual drive installed you may need to clean a few bits up, see

The “emulation software” message indicates that you have Clone CD 5 installed. Like portmac has said, sometimes I find yu have to toggle the settings in your clonecd tray to get your SafeDisc 3.20.022 backup to run.

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