Rome Total War copy

My son’s Rome Total War Disc 1 cracked (completely) - have borrowed a friend of his Disc 1 so trying to make a copy. Have read various threads in this forum and so far tried Nero (didn’t work but wasn’t surprised since believe the image format it uses doesn’t support protected games). Have tried CloneCD (latest version) - didn’t work even after I uninstalled CloneCD since Rome TW will not work with the Virtual Drive software. Have now tried Alcohol 120 set to SafeDisc 2/3 and 16X Read / Write. Copied disc still will not work (including if I set Alcohol to block the ATIP detection). My CD Drive is OPTORITE CD-RW CW5025.

HELP anybody - this is doing my head in … :sad:

What you could do is contacting the vendor. They can replace your disc upon proof of purchase (and possibly returning the cracked disc) at a minimal fee for administration costs…

Depending on the vendor or the publisher, the “administration cost” can be up to $20!