ROME splitting problem

At the beginning I would say that I tried find a solution on this board but I couldn’t.
I have problem with 2nd disc from ROME HBO serial season 1. I’m using DVDfab GOLD newest version and Windows VISTA, and each time when I trying to split it “split option” is not active in DVDFab. This is very strange because I don’t have this problem with rest ROME parts. Of course this disk is bigger than 4,4GB and has 6,5GB so splitting should be available. I really don’t have idea what’s going on – maybe some of you guys would explain me what’s wrong?


Check in Common Settings–>Write to see that DVD5 size is correctly set (4300 default, 4464, 4472). Sorry, I don’t have these discs. Check the VOB files on disc 2 and see what they add up to. If the automatic split will not work you can always use Customize (is it in Gold?) and split it manually.