Romance is

In honor of the three women on the Cdfreaks i present a romantic poll :stuck_out_tongue:
As always, make your vote count, motivate the answer and enjoy your life.

Romance is… changing your brief/boxer at least once a week. :iagree:

romance is being woo’d and treated like you are the only woman alive …oh and of course him not minding changing your wabbits batteries :eek: :o

This is an official CDF announcement for those who do not comprehend the meaning of the word “wabbit”. (including me)

buying her very sexy lingerie…

romance is take a girl out for a nice romantic dinner ,then go to a calm bar and finish the night looking the moonlight at the beach.

10/10 Airhead :stuck_out_tongue: you got it;)

lol :iagree:

what about putting a candle in her belly button and eating by candle light

Romance is … doing lots of cliches so that you can get laid :eek:

100% true

Only 3?

Too much?

…when you start spending more time with her than with your computer… :wink:

When you actually know your gf/wife’s name among your group of hos.


Buy 2 iSights and put them in each other’s shower.

Romance is…not posting on cdfreaks for an entire night, so she doesn’t have to complain about hearing “I just want to finish this last post” for 3hrs straight :stuck_out_tongue:

Romance is…Posting after one another all day on cdfreaks :bigsmile:

Romance … does not exist!

There are now 3??? When did that figure jump!

Dee-27, Norty69er, Wannez, Kus_Emmy, Smartpants (think is a woman) and a few more iv seen around the forums… :slight_smile: