ROM Ripper 2.0



I’ve been crawling the WEB now 4 ages and still haven’t found tha fuckin’ app!!!
Somebody who can give me the golden TIP wil be rewarded…I’ll promise! )


there isnt such a thing like a DC rom ripper around.


Yes there is…tell them guys…

but I don’t wanna wait till the thing ships from England…sooooo…there4 this posting!

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dark_joker:
there isnt such a thing like a DC rom ripper around.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


I would liket to get my hands on that program too… if it actually works. Nobody seems to have any experience with this program and they only send it to you after you send them cash. Yeah right


Well I just found this:

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Tut mir leid wegen dem späten Update aber ich hatte…sagen wir zu tun… Es ist offiziell: Der DREAMCAST EMULATOR und der ROM-RIPPER sind FAKES! Sie funktionieren NICHT! Also auf keinen Fall bestellen! (Den ROM-Ripper verschicken sie übringens eh nicht…man schickt sein Geld hin und das wars…) Ansonsten mal wieder neues Logo und Upates in der Links und der RE Section!


I don’t know if you understand German (I do a little), but he says the RomRipper is fake. They simply don’t work that is if you receive them at all…

I thought it was to good to be true. Too bad


Aaaahhh man…that sucks!!!
Hope this german dude is just a unsatisfied customer with a slow machine causing it not to work…but if not it doesn’t make me happy at all!!!
DAMN!!! DAMN!!! But how 2 play the gamez then???..

What use is it to RIP gamez from the DC and not to play them afterwards on your PC???

So there must be something to make it work??


Well I sure hope so… The problem is (and I don’t know if this is true, I just read it): a DreamCast cd is read from the outside to the inside unlike normal cd’s which are read from the inside to the outside layer.

Therefore a dreamcast cd cannot be read by a cdrom. Maybe someday there will be a crack or loader for this, but I doubt it


I thought u needed a DVDplayer for that. So not a regular cdrom-player. mmmmm…I dunno it all…



why did i know, that we will such stupid and senseless discussion here? i mean, come on guys: you cant copy this fucking dreamcast games.

this fucking rom ripper is as old as the fake emu nightmare, and thats for a long time. seems like everybody is jumping now over to dreamcast and brings his ‘news’ to every board.

i am out of this discussion here.