Rolling Stones

I love the Rolling Stones. I picked a copy of the new boxed set called Rolling Stones “The Biggest Bang.” I have DVD FAB PLATINUM 3132. When I try to back up using full dvd, movie only, customize or clone, it copies the warnings and the logos but will not copy the movie. I noticed the mb/s goes from 4 mb to start and goes to 1 mb and stays there. The percent will go to 1.98% and does not go further. This is a four disc set and is only sold at certain chain stores. All four discs have this problem. DMA is good and DVD FAB works great on everything else that i’ve tried. For anyone that likes classic rock or r&b, this collection is fantastic. It’s funny to see those elderly gentlemen make those teeny boppers go wild. Has anyone had this problem?


I too am a Rolling Stones fan and i have the new box set as well but i don’t use DVDFab. I will put in disc1 and see what happens with the programs i use but i will only discuss with you about it via pm!

Yes there’s something odd with disc1. That’s the only disc i tried so far.

I will try it also Rolling56, they are my favorite group of all time, even if Keith has rusty nails for teeth.LOL.:iagree:

Hey guys,

OT and sorry about that…
I’ve always loved the Stones. I’ve got a hodge-podge of various clips like the ed sullivan show in '67 and some music videos, but nothing of quality.
If you were to recommend only one box set…is this it?

Thanks, appreciate the feedback.

Hi. Don’t mean to piss on your parade in any way, but I have a copy of the opening night of " A Bigger Bang " which was performed in Rio, and thought back then that they should retire. :sad:

Was at a couple of the Bridges To Babylon concerts, and they were great. Keith was getting panties thrown to him from all directions. :rolleyes:

Still have copies of their vinyls ( remember them? ) with the 37/6 price on the sleeve.

See y’all later, then. Jim :slight_smile:

I have the 40 Licks DVD box set and this Bigger Bang DVD box set. I’ve only watched part of the new one (Bigger Bang). If you like the Stones at all get it. Yes they are getting old but they can still [B]STAND UP[/B] and play for 2 hours plus. I have various bootleg concerts from the ahem internet too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen them 6 times live since 1972 and they still put on a good show to this day.

So it’s up to you Tom :bigsmile:

Well now that i have bought Platinum i understand what your saying. It’s the rip speed. Slowest rip on any of my riplock removed DVD drives i’ve seen. Happens the same with all my DVD copy programs and i do have a few :wink: Happens with all my Fentao do you want the .ifo’s? Let me know. I’m a paying customer now :cool:

Well i just made a backup in Full Disc Mode to a single layer and it plays fine. Took awhile as explained above.

I don’t see any need for .ifo’s to be looked at. It just rips slow.
I’ll go onto the next 3 discs when i have time. Might be later today for disc 2.

Maybe i have some setting wrong :confused: It is reading awfully slow.

Hey rolling…I doubt it. Some discs just rip really sloooowly… :stuck_out_tongue:

ok just thinking i have some programs using 100% cpu so that could be them but it does the same on my single core machine so it’s probably just some discs like you said :doh: disregard my slow posts :stuck_out_tongue:

Rolling 56,
Thanks for your help. I tried to make a full disc copy with no avail. Plays back overcompressed and with 40% compression only makes a file of 3100 mb. My target size is 4472 mb. Also I am going even slower than you. 1.3mb/s read at 1hr 18 min of time to copy. If you look at the box on the back the word Macrovision is mentioned. All other backup I have tried with DVD FAB PLATINUM have worked great with lightning speed and wonderful quality. Thanks for any help you can offer.


I’ll try to help you. This is my 1st time using DVDFab :bigsmile: I’m playing back my backup now of disc 1 and it seems to be ok as far as compressed discs go. Has all the menu’s on it and DTS. I have a DTS receiver.

I’m watching disc 2 now it seem to be fine. Menu’s are all there.

On to disc 3 later.

What kind of compression are you getting to get it onto an SL disc?

62% i believe. How can i make Fab burn at the speed i set it at. I choose 8X and end up with 4X :confused:

Hey tommey,
Something is screwed up for sure with a “quality score” of 40%. This would mean an 8 GB disc was compressed to 3.2 GB… :eek:
I don’t have this set (maybe a belated father’s day gift though…I hope…I hope), but I’ll try to help.

Try choosing your hdd as the target, not your burner. Keep the size at 4472 MB.
What’s the resultant file size on your hdd now?
Are you using full disc mode like rolling?..sometimes menus and extras will will screw up the rip when compressed.

Frankly, I almost never use this mode. Customize will pretty much let you configure the burn to what you want. I’d recommend that you try a rip to your hdd with this mode.

That’s probably not too bad as long as you’re not viewing on a 60" plasma or lcd… :bigsmile: . Still, probably not too sharp.

I find the speeds are pretty relative.
For eg., I just burned a bkup using:
Verb +R (16X) MCC 004
Benq 1655 BCGB
Fab write speed 12X

Actual burn got up to 8.9X (~12 MB/s).
Still the entire process rip to finalize was 12:59