Rolling Stones Tickets Gather Moss as $600 Seats for Sale

The Rolling Stones are finding out: you can’t always get what you want.

With the group’s “50 and Counting” tour kicking off in Los Angeles on May 3, pairs of $600 floor seats were still available yesterday for Staples Center arena, based on the sales website of Anschutz Entertainment Group Inc., the Staples owner and promoter of the Rolling Stones tour.

They seem to have a problem getting people to pay the 600 dollars.

I would not pay that if it was Elvis Presley, and I told him that last week when he came by for Sunday dinner. Elvis said 600 dollars way to much.

That is outrageous price samlar,I haven’t been to a concert in 30 years can’t see spending the money ,plus they charge to park.I love the Stones but?

(Of course, we all know Dougy’s only saying this to keep the rest of us from buying up HIS $600 allotment first!! He’s soooo tricky!)

I/We paid 125 a ticket for seats fairly close to the stage but a bit off to the side in 98. Was a great show and worth the money, but I wouldn’t go 600, then or now, I don’t care how great or famous you are.
Wages for regular workers haven’t gone up in years, everything else needed to survive has and they want to try and pull these kind of prices…GOOD LUCK.

I remember paying $24 to see the Rolling Stones.

Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ

Would have been nice to see them earlier in their career but was surprising even then how good the show was and how much they ran around and played to all sides of the stage, real showmen for sure.
I guess maybe they still can do a great show but at aproaching 70 I have my doubts.
Friend used to live in California and saw them for micks 40th birthday show and said it was awesome and crazy, plus of course way cheaper.
They were my 40th birthday to myself and some of my family so at least I can say I’ve seen them.