Rolling Stones, Forty Licks

I d/loaded the album forty licks in mp3 form, when I went to write Disc 2 to an audio cd using the latest Nero I found that when i dumped the tracks in the writing window that they came to over 85 mins.
I checked the lengths of the tracks and saw that some had longer times entered than what they should be.
I may be thick on this but I’ve searched everywhere using all types of search criteria, but can’t seem to find a solution as to how I can make the mp3s show their correct length.
I’ve tried using PsychicMP3 to rename the files, but doesn’t work.
I also read about (illegal table of contents) TOC and thought maybe this was the solution, but can’t find this setting anywhere in the latest Nero, has it been removed ?
Could somebody please point me in the right direction to solving this problem.
Chris. :confused:

If you don’t own the original we can’t help you…
Please respect our rules, we have them for a reason.

My humble apologies for the above mentioned post.
After reading lots of post here I never assumed what a PIOUS & UPSTANDING bunch of people you were.
The reason for my post was really of a technical query, but from the reply I received I can see that nothing of the kind of topic like cracking, copying and related topics goes on in this forum.
Once again my apologies for my indecent post.

Chris. :wink:

I can read your sarcasm.
If you have a question of technical nature, please respect our rules and phrase your question more carefully next time.

Starting a new thread after a post is closed (merged them now) is also against forum policy (I really recommend you reading our rules (see link in my signature)).

For this you now receive your first warning, I do hope it will stay with that.