Rolling Stones DSD Remasters

Trying to build up a good Stones CD collection, but I’m confused by all the similar products on the market.

I’ve got a couple of the ABKCO DSD (Direct Stream Digital) remasters, but am having a VERY hard time finding any more. While I’ve bought them at Best Buy, the Best Buy web site makes no mention of DSD cds.

I don’t know if ABKCO’s DSD remastered discs are still being printed, or if they’ve been replaced by something else.

It appears that ABKCO has two lines of remasters copyrighted in 2002: the DSD Remastered discs found in clear plastic cases and a anoher line that comes in cardboard sleeves, which may or may not have a sticker on the front telling you its a remaster.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if these two lines are actually the same discs in differentt packages, or if the discs are different themselves?

I am assuming the “USA Collection” discs (Virgin?) aren’t remastered in any way?

The sound on the DSD remasters I have is incredible; I really hope I can find other DSD discs soon.

Thanks to anyone who understands what I’m going on about and can help me better understand what ABKCO is doing with (apparently) two different series of remasters.

Im not sure of the packaging but you can get them here
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The cardboard-type packages are called digipacks. Go into a Best Buy, and the racks are full of them. Some have a sticker telling you it’s a remaster, some are missing the sticker. That, and the cardboard packaging, had kinda scared me off—I wanted to be sure I as getting remasted CDs, not the same crap I had bought back in the 80’s.

The DSD Remastered discs come in a clear jewel case. DSD Remastered is visible along the left front of the case. Inside, there is a rundown on the remastering process. You’re told that DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is used to make SACD discs; however, the CD in the case is a normal CD, as far as I can tell. Nothing explicitly says it’s SACD or a hybrid SACD/CD disc. It plays in a normal CD player.

Actually, nothing on the digipacks mentions SACD or hybrid SACD/CD, either. But from what I’ve gathered on the Internet, the digipacks are hybrid SACD/CD.

This is really one confusing mess. I don’t know what to buy. I’ve got a couple DSD Remastered discs. I’d like to get more, but they are impossible to find. Go online, and retailers make no mention of them. They list SACD discs, but are they hybrids or pure SACDs, which can only be played in special SACD players?

If I buy the digipacks, am I getting the same quality remasters I have with these DSD Remastered discs? I don’t mean to sound obsessed, but the sound is really awesome on the DSD Remastered discs I have, and I don’t want to pay for anything less.

The real bitch is that ABKCO is ignoring the confusion their marketing has created. They could clear the whole damn thing up with a paragraph on their web site. Salespeople in the stores are completely ignorant. I have to do my own research, and what’s out there is spotty and confused.

If you look at the link I posted you will see that they are all Super Audio Hybris CDs.

Yeah, the cardboard digipacks are all hybrids, although it makes no mention of this on the outside of the packaging.

I am assuming ABKCO abandoned the DSD Remastered CDs and went to hybrids to cut production costs.

Inside the digipacks, it is explained that both the SACD and CD layers benefit from Direct Stream Processing. I know they sound great in my car’s CD player; there are audio details in the recordings I’ve never heard before, and the dynamic range is noticeably improved.

I can stop obsessing. I can buy the digipacks, although I’m more fond of traditional CD jewel cases. I can’t wait until I have a full Stones collection!

Does anyone know if Virgin bothered to remaster their USA Collection discs? Do the Stones plan to remaster their own holdings?

I don’t think Virgin or the Stones have the rights to the ABKCO recordings hence “Cock Sucker Blues”. Sorry i don’t have any info for you on the DSD cd’s (never bought any). I have a semi large Stones collection (UK and USA) but most of it is on LP and 45’s. I’ve been collecting Stones vinyl since 1962 and have seen them live 6 times since 1972. You might find your answers at

I’m a collector of japanese Cardboard Sleeve LP exact replicas of the originals, I’m also a long time customer of CD japan follow this link:

They are releasing the whole 22 albums collection in this format with the 2002 DSD format. Now they’re also releasing starting from sticky fingers a special edition of CD’s LP-size cardboard sleeve, of this I only have one (elton john’s goodbye yellow brick road) is amazing but more expensive, you have the original LP sleeve with a CD inside instead of the LP, but I started my collection with the mini LP carboard sleeve and I’m sticking to it, they’re amazing an exact replica of the original LP the size of a CD case, but the replica is just mind blowing, you should see Zeppeling III and Physical Grafity, my collection has the entire releases from Tull, Zep, Purple, Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Stones (soon to be complete the release of the early material is march 16), ASIA, Crimson, ELP, the rest are just an album here and there. prices are not bad and the quality is 10/10…see for yourself

Just to clarify:

The CD’s at CD Japan are NOT digipacks but carboard sleeves replicas of the original LP

DSD and SACD: DSD is the encoding use to store audio signals in SACD and other media it stands for Direct Stream Digital.

Yes the Stones never had the rights to the ABKCO extensive catalog, they try hard but to no avail, ABKCO has been reponsable though and did not release the catalog until the sound could be given the proper treatment, with DSD and storage media like SACD (I should point that they are hybrid and play on a regular CD as well) the oportunity presented and wow the results, what can I say of the quality, if you can part with your cash and get a SACD do it cause you’ll be in heaven man…

It seems that we are obsessed with each others ideal disc. The jewel case stones remasters are NOT sacd hybrids. My normal cd player refuses to play hybrids(I have some sacd moody blues and bob dylan that it will not play) and it plays the jewel case “Aftermath (uk)” and “Decembers children” fine. Although I am looking for the sacd’s as I intend to upgrade to an sacd player. I ordered the two stones discs from amazon and (as I imagine for many online sites) the sent me the non-sacd’s. I contacted Amazon (thier customer service is fantastic) so hopefully the kinks will be ironed out.

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