Rolling Stone slams label execs - Puts ad in NYT

I just posted the article Rolling Stone slams label execs - Puts ad in NYT.

Our friends from report that music magazine The RollingStone has posted an advertisment in the NewYork Times targeted at the RIAA. The advertisment looks like a hand written note to…

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how true, how true… their unabashed greed is going to do NOTHING but cause their downfall. in fact, it already has. there is nothing they can do to stop file trading, and this “war” of theirs is already lost. i have not purchased a cd in at least 5 years, and i can promise you this… the RIAA or its member companies will NEVER see one cent of my money again.

jpm5150…so you are in fact a music pirate. You are just the sort of people the RIAA are on the lookout for - people who are are too cheap-ass to pay for a product they enjoy. You think that this is called taking a stand against high prices? Actually, it’s called theft - pure and simple. I use file sharing, but I do it with a view to buying the record at a later date. You are nothing more than grubby little thief who leeches product from the industry. If record companies are making less money (which may or may not be due to file sharing), the first thing to go in the budget cuts will be scouts and new talent departments. Which doesn’t help new bands, and results in only big, commercial acts being marketed because the execs know the investment will pay off. And that’s thanks to little turds like you.

Hey Zulu, you can kiss my white ass. Calling me a thief? you are obviously on the RIAA’s payroll with that bullshit you are spewing from your pie hole. The RIAA and its member companies are the true PIRATES. Raping the “artists” they are so fervently trying to defend with their bullshit lawsuits. And for your information, 99.9% of the music i listen to is house and trance. Its stuff you wont find in any record store. And talent scouts? WTF are you talking about? Have you turned on MTV lately, or listened to the radio? Obviously not, cuz the music scene today is absolute bullshit. Populated with dumbass hip hop artists, who could not find middle “c” on a piano, for $100 bucks.

zulu9812 is correct that you are a music pirate. i myself use file trading to hear what some of the new music is like and if it is worth it for me to purchase the CD. i have purchased music that i never heard on the radio because of someone else having it and i liked it. if you really like the music from certain artists, then purchase their CDs, otherwise, i would be careful what you say or you could be the RIAA’s next target.

and another thing, just because MTV doesn’t play the music you like, doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase it. if it is in MP3 format, then it must have come from some CD at one point. MTV doesn’t play Rhett Butler, but i purchased all of his CDs from his web site. if you like the music enough, you will find a place that sells it. plain and simple.

jpm5150: First of all, don’t categorize a whole genre by what you see on TV. What they show on MTV is commercialized crap. Real hip-hop never sees the light of MTV, and a lot of hip-hop producers I know could school you on music. (and why would a rapper/singer need to know the keys to a piano…they aren’t piano players.) thetarbaby: actually, a lot of house/trance music (which jpm5150 said he listens too) can not be found to be purchased. I have downloaded a lot of the internet which was recorded off of a radio set…also from club sets. But yeah, a lot of people do not support the artists.

You are right about that mental. I’m also intrested if ripped radio sets are legal or not. There are lots available and they beat any CD out there (Techno/Trance at least)

Until the record companies can offer me a convenient way to download some music when the mood strikes, they won’t get a cent from me either. They’ve had years to come up with a business model. If all five of the big labels would of combined their efforts, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Until then, consider me a pirate as well!

mental: i agree with you there about radio sets. some of the techno music i have seen can be purchased at music equipment shops (the better shops) and cannot be found in music stores. like i stated about rhett butler - they don’t play his music on TV or the radio and you can’t find it on p2p or in music shops - but i still found a way to purchase them. as far as radio sets as i think about it, couldn’t you just call the radio station and ask how to get a copy of the radio set? or don’t i know what you’re talking about? always curious. thanks

This place is full of hypocrites. “But Officer, I wanted to taste that steak first, before I buy it. I was going to pay for it if I liked it. If I didn’t I was going to shit it out anyways.” Pots calling kettles black.

I think you guys are full of crap. You can’t tell me any of you care whether an artist gets paid or not. Also, can any of you even remember the last time you saw a video on MTV? MTV barely even shows videos anymore because they can’t survive showing videos for the crap that’s out today.

once again… the music i listen to is NOT available at any radio station, or cd store. its mostly radio rips, like Dominator says. they come mostly from bbc’s radio 1, or ID&T Radio in amsterdam (i think)… recorded live, and broadcast to the world. as yes i support artists i like. i have seen paul oakenfold twice in the past 2 years, and paid 50 bucks each time to see him. and even if i did download mainstreem bullshit played on the radio, i would not feel the least bit bad… take a look at MTV cribs and see what i mean.

shippy: haven’t you ever gone to a resturant that gives you a free sample of wine to see if it is to your liking before you have a taste? i’ve been to a lot of them. granted the fast food joints you go to may not do that. :slight_smile:

I haven’t purchased a CD in 7 years and like jpm5150, I never will again. I’m not paying the RIAA to fuck me in the ass. I’m not going to give money to the RIAA so they can use it to shut down my favorite internet radio sites, or so they can bribe the police to bust into college dorms and arrest kids, or so they can bribe politicians to steal my rights. If my favorite artists expect to be compenstated, then they can leave their RIAA label and go out on their own, I will fairly reward them for their work. I will not however, pay the RIAA to fuck me. To jpm5150, the people razzing you are just worthless trolls, they really don’t feel that way. BOYCOTT THE RIAA. PIRATE ALL YOUR MUSIC AND BRING THEM TO THEIR KNEES!

hey fb… i could not agree with you more. there are lots of trance stations on shoutcast i love, as well as digitally thanks to the good ole fucking RIAA, i may lose a wonderful avenue of exploring new DJ’s, that i would otherwise never have known about. Thru internet radio, i have already discovered 5 or 6 DJ’s, that (if and when) they ever come to my town, i will GLADLY shell out 50 bucks to see them spin live. FUCK the RIAA, FUCK that dike Hilary Rosen, and fuck all you trolls with the RIAA’s big cock stuck in your mouth!

well if the bloody cds didnt scratch then we would never need to back them up ? so if they got off their lazy fat asses and made it so ,they would have nothing to complain about !until then i cannot see why a person who has purchased a cd or game or dvd etc cannot make legal backups! ! its all just crap ! they want their cake and and pie and every one eleses poie as well ! i feel sorry for the artists who actually think their record company is looking after them ,they are just plain stupid !

I download pirated music. I don’t care if I am breaking a law. I’ll pay to go see the artist in concert. Regardless of the copyright laws (how much respect can you give laws that was paid for by groups like the RIAA… or any law that only serves the interests of corporations?) I will not pay for music or literature or art. I’ll pay for the convenience of having them on a medium, such as a CD, a book, or a canvas. I’ll pay if I’m purchasing a unique item. But if i only want to have them on my computer harddrive, then i’ll go download them, and exchange them, even though it is not legal. I’m acting within my well-thought morals and logic.