'Rolling Stone' attacks record execs in NY Times article

I just posted the article ‘Rolling Stone’ attacks record execs in NY Times article.

tj2010 and ckin2001 both provided us with a link to two interesting ads (1, 2) that appeared in today’s New York Times “Business Day” section purchased by pop music magazine 'Rolling…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4849-Rolling-Stone-attacks-record-execs-in-NY-Times-article.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4849-Rolling-Stone-attacks-record-execs-in-NY-Times-article.html)

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This is very funny, but I doubt it’ll do any good. They won’t stop until it’s illegal to sing along to a CD, incase you infringe the artist’s rights (oh, that really means record industry’s licence to print money). It’s all about greed. It’s similar to football (soccer) in the UK. One guy refused to sign a contract for £15,000 a week. A WEEK! That’s more than some people make in a year. And while this is happening, clubs are going into administration or simply going bust. And so it will be with the record industry, if the greed continues.

The record industry have me convinced. I will never buy another CD until the executives of these companies stop harassing their former customers and offer a humiliating public apology. From last year onwards, I have been downloading all my music - not that much of what is produced now is actually worth the wait since the greedy scum realised that plastic pop bands signed up to low cost contracts were more profitable than bands with talent. Record sales are down [overall] because the music is crap - not because of piracy. The time will come when it is no longer necessary to have a record company, and we will be able to buy the music direct from the artist from their web site for a fraction of the price, and to more profit for the artist. Then these greedy bastards will be doomed…

Why do they think music is about money anyway. Music isn’t suppose to be about money. It’s suppose to be about expression, and a true “artist” will write music regardless of if they get paid for it not. All the things I do in my life that I love I don’t get paid for. But I do them because that’s part of what I am. If you can sell your music great. But the money shouldn’t be the reason your making the music. The RIAA would like to charge me a fee just because I had a song stuck in my head.