Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Soaked

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to install the game Rct3: Soaked for the whole evening allready, but i keeps saying “Wrong disc inserted+please insert the original Soaked CD”, he is saying this everytime i try to press the install buttom, or autorun.
I allready mounted it on Deamon Tools, Alchol120%, tryd some anti blacklisting things, and burned it on CD with Nero

Does somebody know how to solve this problem so i can install this game?

It looks like you don’t have a good image of your CD. You could try remaking the image using a slower speed. This depends upon you having choosen the right profile to begin with. I tkink that RCT3 Soaked is a SecuROM 5.x game.

Failing that try installing the game from the original CD. Then just use your copy to play it from. This also makes sure that your original is good as well.

Hi there,

The orgininal is not mine (is from a friend),
but because i bought Wild! yesterday i wanted to install RCT3 again, had no problem with it, but when i tryd the copy of Soaked it sayd about the wrong cd!
The strange thing about is, i allready used this copy to install this game without any problems!?

Then buy your own and have a look at the forum rules in the meantime.