Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 copy

Hi Guys,

     Has anyone had any success copying Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, I believe it uses a new game copy protection? Securom 5.03.06 When scanned with gamejack 5 protection scanner. Up to  now, I have had little success, have used latest versions of Clone CD Alcohol 120% etc still no joy! :doh:  :a 

Thanks in advance :bow:

Hey and welcome to CDFs!

Have you looked @ these threads:
Illustrated guide to copying SecuROM 7 with RMPS emulation
Copying Securom 4.8x/5.x/7.x CDs with Alcohol and A-Ray Scanner

They are a good start. Good luck!


Or this one or this since you have both CloneCD and alcohol on your system.

[Note: I have made a working back-up copy of this game using the alcohol and A-Ray scanner method so it can be done.]

I am new and would welcome any advice! I have alcohol 120 version 2.0.1 and A-Ray Scanner version on a windows 7 ultimate 64 bit computer. I have been unable to find the BWA file for this game online so I am trying to create it. A-Ray scanner crashes EVERY time I run it (in the twin creator options tab) when loading my alcohol “rips” with the suggestions I found in the guides here in these forums. It was suggested to use an earlier version of alcohol 120 but it is not compatible with WIN 7 64bit… I downloaded Blindwriter 7 and tried the included BB application but did not find the settings outlined in the guides. ( I tried anyway but my ‘patched’ disks did not work). I also have a trial version of Clone CD and have downloaded the twinpeak program. I have accumulated most of the tools but have not mastered the techniques. I have experience backing up DVDs but this is my first attempt at a PC game and it has been frustrating. Does anyone have the BWA file for Roller Coaster Tycoon 3? I would be grateful for the file OR advice that would help me. Thanks Very much!