Roller skating cops program foiled by turf

I got tickled when I read this! It is just so silly. :bigsmile:

A top-notch UK crimebusting initiative - which saw London’s Royal Parks Constabulary issued with in-line rollerskates - has ground to a halt after crims realised they could escape simply by scarpering across grass, the Telegraph reports.

Four Royal Parks officers were issued with the pursuit shoewear six years ago after some bright spark noted the success of similar schemes in Florida, Paris and the Netherlands*.

However, Supt Derek Pollock, of London’s Royal Parks operational command unit admitted: "It just didn’t work. The moment people realised they were being chased they would switch to a soft surface.

“If the criminal went on to the grass, the officer giving chase had to stop, take off his skates then follow him without proper footwear while carrying his skates.”

Pollock, whose officers have returned to their traditional perp-hunting bikes, further confessed: “Not an awful lot of officers were interested because it hurts when you fall over.”

*It’s evident that the London criminal mind is simply more highly evolved than those of Dutch, French and US miscreants. If they ever get wind of this grass idea abroad, law and order could quickly collapse, make no mistake. :clap:

Grass Skates …

lol, they should wear those skates which just strap over the tops of your shoes/feet, that way , quick removal of skates :bigsmile:

Bwahahahahahahahahaha, that’s hilarious :bigsmile::bigsmile:

Or those el-cheapy clip-on skates with the bright flashing led’s. Now they just need to croon “WooooOOOooOOOoooOOOO” as they skate after the crooks :wink:

So many people had those in china … walking down through the malls in china, I was harangued by 100’s of skating vendors trying to sell them to me. No-one seemed to actually be buying them though :stuck_out_tongue:

Boo-Yow! (I don’t want) & Ching Jo Kai (Please go away/ please get out of my way).

Hey, that reminds me of (Mission impossible 3) when Tom Cruise is running along the canals (actually in a small cemetery city about 1 hr from shanghai) calling out “Jo-kai” (get out of my way).

I’m not gonna mention that the sun-dial building he dives off, swinging across to the other buildings is actually one of the smallest buildings in Pudong (opposite side of the river to Shanghai main), nor that the one he’s swinging across to the rooftop of is actually one of the tallest in Pudong.

Actually quite funny … probably scared a few bus drivers on his swing … but then again, with the way people drive in Shanghai, a man hanging from a rope is as insignificant as a bug flying into your windscreen.

lol, dont forget your crash hemelts kiddie cops :bigsmile: Street cops should just stick to bicycles if anything, those dudes who go down stairs and stuff at least look cool :bigsmile: