Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: GOLD

I have purchased the said game. I use Alcohol 120% to make my images (latest retail version). Before I tried to run the game from image I didnt have the Blist fix installed but I did have ALC installed in expert mode. Made the image with the securom 4.x/5.x datatype and tried to play… no go. :doh: So then I downloaded and installed the BLIST fix. Still no go. I then removed the drive letter from the virtual drive after the image autoplayed and it would run the game. Doing these exact same steps did not allow me to do the same thing on my XP PRO partition (the other was XP home). I downloaded SR7 STOP 1.0 but every time I run it no matter when it just says “Nothing to hide!” or “Nothing to restore!”. Anyone else have any luck with this game :bow:

easy to say is i hate changing cd’s between games just makes my life easier:bow: