Rollback to previous firmware

I’ve got a BTC 1008 and when I first got it everything was great, now however every disc I burn is unreadable at the end, particularly annoying if watching a film, you never find out what happens at the end. I have the latest firmware installed but was wondering if I could roll back to a previous version to see if this improves things, could someone tell me how to do this please. Also I cannot get the DMA enabled I’ve tried everything, DMA if available appears but the actual drive is running in PIO mode, so I have a job burning discs as the buffer underrun is constantly on the move. I burned a disc this morning and it took 11/2 hours. The drive is on the primary channel together with the hard drive, I have a cd writer and DVD drive on the secondary channel Thanks for any help

Hi tobykim,

flashing back the firmware is not the problem you can do this easily by downloading a firmware from, your larger problem is the DMA thing. To connect an optical drive to the same IDE channel as a harddrive can cause a lot of problems and everybody will tell you that this is a bad idea. I would try to connect the DVD-RW as master to the secondary IDE channel without a slave device on the primary channel. I think then should you be able to run the drive in DMA mode correctly.

give it a try and let us know what happend.


I’ve flashed the firmware back to 0658 and the DMA is back on, it always used to be so I couldn’t understand why it had switched itself off, as for shuffling things about in the box I’m afraid I’m not up to that, I don’t mind fiddling about with programmes etc but anything that is more technical is beyond me, although I do know what you mean. It was connected up like this when I got it, but if needs must it will have to go back to the shop for them to sort out, anyway we’ll see how it goes on this firmware, if it changes back again then I’ll start pulling my hair out, I have shut the Pc down and restarted and DMA is still on so keep your fingers crossed for me Thanks

Drive is still running in DMA mode and I’ve burned a few discs successfully, when I think back I only started running into problems when I went up to 0059, maybe that was the problem anyway time will tell