Rollback firmware on QSI SBW-241



hi gurus,

i have a sony vaio pcg-frv25 with a qsi sbw-241 dvd/cd-rw drive. i was having problems burning high speed cds and had to update the firmware.

the stupid stupid mistake that i did was downloaded the firmware version VH07 instead of VS04. i realized the mistake as soon as i hit the update button.

i downloaded the vs04 firmware but it recognizes the drive as non-vaio and does not update. (wish the stupid vh07 tool had the same feature).

anyways now the cd only reads and does not burn. is there anyway i can fix this or have i wrecked the drive beyond repair :sad:

any ideas, advice, tips will be graciously appreciated :bow:


There must be some other flashers around. Try other firmware.
Maybe TDB, the Dangerous Brothers, can tell us more, I don’t know too much about firmware. :frowning:


You badly screwed your drive up.

Buy a new one.


Thanks guys.

vaio components are way over priced. will probably buy an external burner.

damn the guys who wrote the vh07 flasher without the safety catch :a


As we know, flashers can be cracked or modified as to accept other versions. Some crossflashing flashers already do this.
I’m not sure whether your drive has been screwed up, but laptop drives usually are very sensitive with flashing firmware. You may try to contact QSI.


Here is more info:

You can easily destroy the internal Calibration data necessary for the drive when flashing those QSI drives… sad but true.