"Roll your own" DVD-Audio


I don’t know how much experience anyone has with DVD Audio but here goes.

I extracted the AC3 audio from two concert DVDs using vStrip, converted it to 24/48 WAV using HeadAC3h, compressed it using FLAC and then burned it onto two separate DVDs using DVD Audiofile. I wanted to know if there was any easy way aside from going through the whole process again for both discs to make one disc from these two. The file sizes are such that they will both fit onto a single DVD. I did this because there aren’t hi-res DVD-A or SACDs of these concerts, so I made my own for use in my set-top universal disc player. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


P.S. Some may think that the extra encoding of the WAV files to FLAC was unnecessary. The problem is that for some reason DVD Audiofile doesn’t play nicely with WAV files but has no problem with FLAC although it’s supposed to handle both.