Roland Garros 2003 and other Wanadoo games..problems

Hi Guys
i have problem making a copy of a game i own.
Roland Garros 2003 by Wanadoo …Clony xxl tells it’s Bad Sectors protected…but i think it’s protech ring…or something similar.
The original has a ring on the bottom like Haegeminia (by Wanadoo too)…
Alcoholer 4 sets Alcohol 120 but the reading stop at 96% after decreasing speed slowly…
My hrdware is
reader Toshiba sdm 1712
writer Liteon 52246s
Help me please i’m frustrated…thanxxxxxxxxxxx

Have you enabled A.S.S.? That should dramatically cut the reading time.

Use the Ring Protech datatype settings if using alcohol to copy this one. ASS is enabled and set at 500 with those settings and it will cut reading time down from several hours to somewhere between 3 and 15 mins depending on your reader.

[And yes it will slow down dramatically at about 96%. That’s where the ring is cut into the cd and the ring will contain ~3,000 consecutive unreadable sectors.]

thanxxxxx a lot i’m going to try…i will post results!!:slight_smile:

Thank u all for ur help it was very useful 4 me…i DID IT
using Alcoholer profile for RING PROTECH …but used CCD 4202…cause Alcohol 120 was very very slow in reading process…i posted my log file in Ccd forum with all my settings!!
Thanx never i’d made without ur suggestions hope my experience can help!!
Ciao to all Mirenko