Roku 3 and hard drives

I purchased a Roku 3 to use with my old TV that was not a smart TV. That allowed me to watch Netflex on the TV. I purchase the Roku 3 because it allowed you to plug in a USB drive or Hard Drive to the Roku 3 box when the Roku1 or did not. I also purchased a second one last month to hook up to my Vizio smart TV since the Vizio smart TV will allow you to watch movies on USB drives but would not let you plug a hard drive into it and watch movies from the hard drive. Got a refub. at a good price. Suddenlink that bad internet company now limits people to 250g of data at least they do until people like me get the FCC or congress to step in and tell them they cannot do this. People like me live in areas where Suddenlink or nothing.
I did not want to leave the Ruku plugged in all the time to the internet but I found when I unplugged ti from the internet it would open a window saying you had to plug it into the internet. I found that the only way to get around it was plug it into and old router or modem that was not connected to anything and the Ruku would then think you had internet and let you go to my channels the USB option and I could get to the hard drive and watch the movies. In my case I just used an old old telephone modem I had and plugged the Ruko into it. Since I already had my smart tv plugged into the internet I did not need the RuKo 3 for that.

Just thought I would post this in case someone else wants to use a Ruko to access an hard drive and watch movies without it plugged into the internet.
I sent a email to Ruko explaining this and asking them to do an software update so you can use the USB port without the internet. All I got back was an email asking to explain what my problem I sent one back to them saying I had done that but going over it again. Should not be hard for them to fix with a patch

Did a software update now it works without the ROKU 3 plugged into the internet.