Rogue Spear question?

Hello everyone,

I just got Rogue Spear from my local warez dealer and I am having problems is running it…It was burned in such a wasy that the game is supposed to run from the cdrom…no installions nothing…first i had to run a reg file and then i had to run… now my problem is that once i get past through the hq plan , weapons selection and all when i click next …it crashes to the desktop…moreover in the training session I was only able to shoot and was not able to move… If any of you have any suggestions i would be very happy…thank you in advance…I know that the cd has been burned and produced by some warez company by the name of address is

Thanks once again,


Well you’re first problem is that you don’t have the full game, you have a warez rip that’s burnt on a cd.
You might wanna try extracting the whole thing to your HD and then running the reg file from there and give it a shot. Many of the warez rips wont work with all systems. If you can, it’s better if you just get yourself the ISO or the full game (it’s not that expensive anymore, runs you about 20 bucks in the US).

Also, make sure you got the latest drivers for your sound card and video card, as well as the latest release of direct X from M$.


Thanks for the reply… I am sure that the CD does not have anything less when it comes to files… The size of the CD is around 615 mb… any other suggestions?


I think you have been ripped off.
There is no way this can run on cd alone.
Where, for example is it going to write config files and savegame information to start with?

It sounds like the crazy bytes version of the game. That one gives the same problem. It just doesn’t work. Your ripped off, I’d go back to your dealer.


The game is working from the CD definetely for sure…because when I run roguespear.exe it goes to the game menu etc. etc. but finally crashes to the desktop for no reason. The CD with full of data and it pertains only to RS. There must be some way to make it work…It is not that I fear returning it back to my dealer but the problem here is shipping will cost me extra bucks… Has anyone of you got any other solutions?.. I copied the entrie cd into my hard drive to test it …and it worked !!!..but the problem is that I cant get the team to move …the remap keys arent working well…Everything is fine except for the keys…Any humble suggestions guys?