Rocovering Lost Data/Files In WinXP



Just yesterday I was screwing around with the registry getting rid of some program that has screwed up my computer and prevented another program whcih does the same thing to no work properly..

In any case, I deleted a registry key that I guess linked to a folder on my drive where I store all my files.. Now the folder is gone with all my files..

My question, is there any way to get that folder back (i dont have a backup of the registry) by doing something in WinXp or what program I should use?


Perhaps Powerquest Lost & found (or was it from another company?)

Norton System works might have a tool as well.

Problem is, the longer you wait (and thus the more chance you have that certain sectors will be overwritten), the less chance you have for recovery.


Well I used Fast File Unerase and I got most of my stuff back but I dont know if they will works as the movie files seemed to be corrupted when I brought them back…

I tried a demo of CIA Undelete and it seemed pretty good keeping the file names intact, something that RecoverNT and Fast File Erase couldnt do…