Rockwell HCF 56K Speakerphone PCI Modem

Does any one know where i can leech the newest driver for this lame ass modem?
I really need one, cuase the driver i´m using is very stupid, i don´t think that the driver likes me…

wilma: And how can i find out that shit?

Look in your mail. The drivers are made by 3com but work on most Hcf pci modems.
Hope it helps.

I can´t install them :=(

If I were you I would just get a new modem. I had a Rockwell that came installed in my computer when I bought it and I hated it because it always disconnected on me. I got so tired of it I bought a new Lucent 56K modem off of E-bay for 25 bucks and it works great. If you are an online gamer it would be a good idea also because my ping dropped by 100, so I am pretty much an LPB with a 56K on most servers. So pull the piece of crap modem out and get a new one.

You´re right, i think that would be the best idea