Rockstar classics Volume 3... GTA2 released free



Rockstar have done it again with volume 3 of the classics released for free. This time it’s Grand Theft Auto 2


Guess it wont be long till the servers are completely packed.


That’s great. Xmas is coming, time for playing classics :slight_smile:


Bring on GTA3


slayerking, Thank You! for the info :bow:


Still can’t get in on the server, we need a torrent or something. Why they wouldn’t release it in that fashion anyway??? And why the hell do they want all that person info??


Using a torrent search site, a torrent can be found. I’m not giving the link though as I doubt its legality.

Maybe they use the info to know what category of ppl dl their games (for advertising)? Or maybe they compare this data with GTA3 figures?

(btw yesterday I played San Andreas… now that’s a game that beats all the other GTA’s)


Well after doing some more resaerch I found that apparently R* uses the information gathered and puts you on their mailing list. So monetarily its free, but they basically are charging you for seeing their advertisments.

I think I will stay away from this. If I really am dying to play GTA2 then I can always set up a dual boot with Win98 :slight_smile: After all, I did buy the original.


hmmz thats a nice xmas present from rockstar.

leeching time :smiley: