Rocks are full of quiet interest

Boulder, rocks, pebbles, sand … history at your feet.

Interesting, or stone cold boring.:confused:

Stone (sic) cold boring. I mean if mineral compositions are what get you off, then hey, don’t let me stop you… :wink:

I’ve no interest in petrology. :iagree:

scantilly clad er think thats enough on this forum lol

rocks come in all shapes, sizes & male n female :bigsmile:

Can I get you a few of those bikini models? They rock :smiley:

Blow up doll. Better life through plastic :iagree:

This poll rocks!

That was about as mature as a tree we had at primary school we dubbed the “boobie tree”. :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew you were gonna say that:iagree:

Me too! :eek:

Some rocks with traces of uranium, plantinum, gold or silver are very interesting. :slight_smile:

Hmm … I envision MrB in golden eras past … on an excruciatingly chilly winter, banging two clumps of uranium together to keep warm :stuck_out_tongue: