does anyone know what protection robocop game uses?

tried scanning cd using clonyxxl with game installed, but still came up with nothing, so thinking there was no protection, i just created a basic image file, but when i tried plalying it from the copy, it fails, acsking for the original cd!

as i try to load the game, the loading light on my drive flashes as though it were reading a protection (such as securom or safedisk) but no read errors ocurred during the making of the image file, and i even scanned the cd using bwa builder to see if there was any indication of securom.

could it be that clone cd and alcohol (programs installed at time) are blacklisted?

why does clony not detect protection?

It should be a new version of Tages… nothing to do(I think) for now.


how can i check to see if this is the new Tages protection as clonyxxl obviously doesn’t recognise it?

check installed directory for

they’re burried in some subdirs… something liek pc\system