Roberto removes DVD-Audio tools following a lawsuit threat

I just posted the article Roberto removes DVD-Audio tools following a lawsuit threat.

  With such  a widespread publicity  of the DVD-Audio circumvention tools, it took just  two days for the the Rarewares publisher Roberto to  receive a phone call from his big local...
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from what i know, not the author, but roberto got the laywer call… roberto only hosted the tools on rarewares, the developer of the tool(s) was some russian guy.

AndyMutz I think you are correct. Acording to this article “Created by someone calling him/herself “MaximA”, the suit of tools has been privately used since 2004, but only today have they been uploaded to various web sites for widespread download and use with both standard DVD-Audio titles and the new generation of DualDiscs.” So poor Roberto was just hosting the files and got the heat :c

Thanks for the correction. :wink:

Cooool! I had no idea it was possible at all. Now hopefully dvd-a will gain some popularity. P.S. Based on my linguistic knowledge MaximA is a dude with a last name starting with A. :slight_smile:

" By being able to extract the contents means that the consumer could try encoding it into DTS format, recording this as a DVD-Video disc, thus allowing them to playback the content through their existing DVD player and a suitable 5.1 surround sound system." Err - but DVD-Audio discs already have a DVD-Video compatible version of the 5.1 mix in either Dolby Digital or DTS that everyone can play on their existing DVD player and 5.1 surround system…