Robert Moore: Entertainment industry killed my company

I just posted the article Robert Moore: Entertainment industry killed my company.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us “Another take on the potential collapse of 321
Studios…” DVD copy software company 321 Studios, is considering going
bankrupt to…

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Do you, like me, get the feeling that if 321 Studios should go down, the entertainment industry may have made some bad bad enemies…lets hope so…:X

Did the game copying software even work on protected discs? I thought the reviews I saw said it performed pretty poorly.

I thought in the very beginning when they first started out, that suing the movie industry was a bad idea. I know they were trying to get the right to sell their product without hassle, but I think it backfired on them.

Well it was a crap product anyway, and was known to be so amongst the “real backing up community”. There are far better tools, many of which are free… Perhaps the movie industry will start on them next…

Regardless of whether we did or did not find this software useful, I think this a bitter conclusion and reflection of how corporate interests trump the peoples freedoms and rights. A pathetic shame. Their efforts are kinda like the ‘War on Drugs’; having a point and purpose, but makes only enemies and no headway. The industries are digging the graves they want to die in. So be it.

I just wish more people would THINK before buying garbage from the majors :slight_smile: That goes for so many companies outside the scope of RIAA/MPAA…