Roadstar DVD2551K colour screwed up! Help!

My partner bought a Roadstar DVD2551K the other day through a catalogue and it was working fine. The loading screen was a deep blue when you turned it on.

I tried putting the DVD player through a scart junction box which is brand new, but which I hadn’t used before for any other reason until now. This was so I could attach something else as an alternative AV source than the DVD, but I didn’t actually try it with anything else plugged in and switched on, just the DVD.

When I connected the DVD through the junction and switched everything on, the loading screen had a yellowish-green colouring to it and also any material played from disc had the same wierd tone. When I switched everything off and tried it without the junction box, the colour was normal again.

I switched everything off and tried it again one more time to see if I hadn’t plugged the scart lead into the junction properly. The screen now had a reddish tint to it! Now when I turn the TV to AV to use the DVD player, the loading screen has a yellowish-green colouring to it without the scart junction box! I can’t access the Preferences menu to change the ‘TV type’ settings or anything in that part of the menu and I’ve checked and re-checked the scart lead attachments. I’d be very grateful if anyone can explain why this should this be happening? Should I send the DVD player back to Roadstar? My partner is going to be furious when she gets home!