Roadrunner users lose Usenet, get 50% discount from Giganews



Roadrunner, the cable company from Time Warner discontinues newsgroups access, for those existing customers the usenet provider Giganews has a special 50% discount if you sign up now.

Usenet is considered by many as superior to peer to peer filesharing and offers the ability to download (often copyrighted) content at very high speed. Usenet consists of newsgroups, where users can discuss all kinds of topics, but also has binary groups where users post and download files. These downloads are added by other users and reside on a central server. Downloading also goes from this central server instead of downloading chunks from other people trough their often slower connections.

Time Warner has now decided to pull the plug on their Usenet service, according to the website DSL reports this is due to low subscriber usage and Giganews is offering them an alternative.

Those Roadrunner subscribers who signup through this special link will receive a 50% discount on their first month.