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MyCE presents the Roadie EVS-4000. A portable speaker system with a built in mp3 player.

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Some interesting specs might be helpful, such as list price ($170), weight of the unit and each of the 3 major parts, battery life, and weather or not it produces stereo sound. As far as barrety life, you only indicate " It was able to play music from the built in mp3 player for 30+ minutes, with the volume set somewhere in the middle. ". I would hope a $170 portable speaker system would od better than that!

I can find nothing on any site so far that indicates if this is just one speaker with a tweater (in the equalizer module) and it may not produce anything but mono sound. For the bass performance, it requires a good solid surface, like a desk, so maybe not for a romantic picnic, or tent use. The internal mic is also a problem as apperantly it is not disconnected when an external mic is used. I have a bit of a problem with the “Equalizer” as it only has 2 settings, normal and HD. Why have three buttons when all that is needed is 1, HD on or off. The internal MP3 player is just that MP3 only, I prefer the flexability of an external unit myself but some may see this as an advantage.

It would be nice to see comparisons of sound quality (tested not hears), battery life, weight and cost.

Honestly, this appears to be an expensive amplified speaker with frills. Take a look at Tweakers, much cheaper, good sound and battery life and a cable on the newer units that allow charging while using (you can get it for your older unit as well). I find them to be more than enough and give me good sound to watch movies at my desk on my laptop, or provide music for a BBQ in our garden. Well worth the $30 paid. I don’t think I would think the same about the EVS-4000, but than again $170 for portable speakers is well outside what I would consider acceptable.