Road2Rome SD2.8 no Problem using Alcohol

Managed to copy Road To Rome (Safedisc v2.80.010) with my Plex W4012a and Alcohol 1.40.114 (“safedisc 2” standard setting).

Works in CD-Rom without any extra emulation.
Also the new applied BF Patch 1.3 works perfectly afterwards.

So the original can go back into the closet.

Great but keep in mind that when installing Alcohol, it’s running in the background even though you cannot see it. That’s whay it works for example, without needing to hide the CD-R media (since that’s done automatically).

sorry to correct you but i burn my stuff on a Win2k System and there is alcohol installed. My games run on a W98 plattform and there is no burning software installed.
btw. i thought the hide cdr media is only needed if the cd is in the burner, cause a standard CD-Rom can NOT recognise if it’s a recordable or not.

So my SD2.8 copy runs great using a standard cd-rom without any “hide-cdr media” or other background safedisc faking software.

I know you think Clone-CD is the better tool but my experinces are much better, using Alcohol. Even if the image is a CloneCD image i got better results when finally burning them with alcohol.

Then I take it back! It’s just that a lot of people forget that when Alcohol is installed, it’s always running in the background. You’re absolutely right when you say that hiding the CD-R media only applies when you play from a CD-recorder (or other device that can read the ATIP info from the disc). Thanks for letting us know your experiences! It’s no secret I love CloneCD but when other software does a better job then I’m all for it of course!

I got similar results with Fifa2k3 and Alcohol. (SD2.8)

Things I tested:

  • RAW copy with CDRWIN on a Plex4/2/20: failed
  • Alcohol read and write image (Safedisc2) on Plex4/2/20; emf enabled: runs in AsusE616 DVD and Plex40TS
  • Alcohol read and write image (Safedisc2) on Plex40/12/40; emf disabled : runs in AsusE616 DVD and Plex40TS!

PS: The PC that I used to test the backups doesn’t have Alcohol/CloneCD installed

Make that 1 more,The Sims Unleashed SD 2.80.010,backed-up´d on 1 machine with Alcohol and installed and played on another machine without ANY burnin´software!/gs