RNM 4.5 Partial success and ritek g05



I have finally got my a09 to burn ok…i was down to the riteks G05 full face printables !!!..however im still finding slow burns on disc to disc copy…taking about 15 mins…here is my setup and any advice would be helpful…

2 x hdd on seperate serial channells
primary IDE 109 as master
secondary IDE 107 as master and 106 as slave…

i use the 107 as the reader and have also tried the 106 and burn to thee 109 but they are still taking around 15mins to burn…i can burn to all 3 writers at once if i am burning an image but have only done it once as it took longer than if i had just burnt to the 2 masters.


the 109 is the faster ripper…ergo, it should be source not target


Rule of thumb : Ripping speed should be at least twice burning speed.
Have you checked the ripping speed ? I think Nero has some facility in it to be able to check the read speed.

As the last poster said, use the fastest reader/ripper as the source…

I dont think 15 mins is unreasonable for a disk-disk copy.

As for the HDD image to the 3 DVD writers copy then certainly the secondary IDE bus will slow the process down as its interleaved writes, and you have 2 writers on it…