RN 4.61 -- pxengine fails to install

I don’t know what’s going on. I have one computer running RN 4.61 patched with PxEngine 507 and pxdrv for “all drives” which recognized the NEC 3520 just fine. I have just replaced it with the NEC 3540 and it’s still working.

Now I placed the NEC 3520 in a freshly installed computer. RN 4.61 is installed, the PxEngine 507 installation program says installation was successful, and I applied the pxdrv patch. However, every time I start RN 4.61 on this computer, it tells me that “No compatible Recordable or Rewritable devices could be found on your system.”

The strange thing is that the build number on the computer with the NEC 3540 is “460B42c.507.19” whereas on the other, with the NEC 3520, it’s “460B42c.500.19”. If I can interpret this correctly, it means the PxEngine upgrade failed.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program many times but to no avail. I’ve even removed two “possible suspects”: MusicMatch Jukebox and DEP (by changing a string in boot.ini).

Why is installation of the PxEngine failing?

The computer containing the NEC 3520:

System: Windows XP Pro SP2 (fully updated)
Power supply: Fortron FSB200-60GTW 200W
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-6VX7-4X (latest BIOS, version F45)
CPU: Pentium III 800Mhz (FSB133)
Secondary master: NEC 3520 (UDMA-2)
Secondary slave: LG CRD-8480M (Multi-Word DMA-2)
Memory: 2x 64MB SDRAM (PC133)

Any help appreciated.

You must have the wrong dlls on the other computer.

Just to be sure copy the px* dlls from the first computer to the other one.

Thanks for the reply.

Before doing that, I upgraded the RAM by 256MB (384MB total) but that didn’t help. Copying over the dlls did.

Do you have any idea why the normal installation fails? Could one of the newer updates for Windows (such as Windows Installer 3.1) have anything to do with it?

It could be you are not rebooting before applying the 507 update. This happened to me, install RN 4.61 then immediately apply pxengine 507 = No recordable drive!

Uninstall, reinstall vanilla RN 4.61 and reboot, install pxengine 507 and reboot = Drives detected :slight_smile: