RMVB to XvID avi problems - using WinAVI 7.6

Hello. As the thread title says, im having problems converting RMVB files to AVI using XvID codec with WinAVI 7.6. the audio works perfectly from the start, goes out of sync for 5 secs in the middle and workers perfectly again near the end. i read a few threads about the PAL-NTSC thingy but im not sure if the applies to my problem.

the audio codec i used is Mpeg layer 3. the funny thing is, when i try to convert the same file to dvd with default settings the audio goes out of sync as well. the orginial rmvb files doesnt have problems, i checked. i suspect it might be a fps problem, but how do i confirm that? also, i heard that the latest Xvid codec has problems working with many video converters…could that be the cause as well?

Either use the program you have created them with or just use the originals.

As for the sync problem with the winavi, I think you may contact at support@winavi.com for some solutions.

Btw, have you ever tried the conversion with winavi’s built-in encoder? I think its built-in encoder should work much better. For I always pick zjmedia mpeg-4 encoder as video encoder and zjmedia mp3 encoder as audio encder, and never got any sync problem.