does anyone have a good/free program to convert RMVB TO AVI? and do you have a program to convert AVI TO MPEG2 so i can watch it on my dvd player. i been searching around and i cant find! please help.


Not eve sure what RMVB are but thier is usally a free tool no mater what the file type. Here are two good places to look



RMVB to AVI - Why would you want to do this? Unless you want to play it on a stand alone DivX player?? Anyways I dont know any tool which can do this conversion.

AVI to MPEG2: Use TMPEGEnc or CineCraft Encoder [CCE].

rmvb to avi so i can watch it with videolan or else i have no idea how to watch it and afterward i would like to change it to mpeg2 so i can burn it onto a dvd.

RMVB should be playable on Media Player Classic. I usually watch it with this player. I have the K Lite Codec pack installed (which is Freeware, just google it), which takes care of the decoding. I also have Real Alternative installed.

AVI->MPEG2 is fine, just use the tools I mentioned.

RMVB is the spawn of Satan.

But installing Real Alternative will help.

i downloaded TMPEGEnc and when i browse for video file it wouldn’t accpet it only the audio. it file C:… can not open, or unsupported?

What file are you trying to open? Is it AVI? Then you need to determine what codec it uses. The software used to determien this is called G Spot (just google it)/ Sweet name for a useful software :bigsmile:

See…it says that the codec XVid is not installed. So google it and install the XVid encoder/decoder.

I too am having this problem and need a conversion program to convert a rmvb file (Real Alternative) so I can burn to DVD and watch on my stand alone DVD player.

You can change the extension from rmvb to avi and it still plays, but it will not convert because it is not supported.

Any ideas anyone???


While were at conversions, anyone know how to convert an Itunes m4v file.

The programs out there such as ImTOO don’t so what they say will do!