Rmvb and nero vision express 3

Im trying to get a rmvb video onto DVD using Nero vsion express 3 and cant seem to find the relevant info. Can someone advise if i need some kind of codec or how its done as ive searched other forums but dont have an answer.


Real media, sadly, requires special converters usually.

I’d just avoid it altogether, REAL NETWORKS IS SATAN.

Thanks for the reply. Although id love to avoid it unfortunately i cant as this is the only format i have this video on. When you say “special converters” is this something i can add to NVE3 or convert the video first?

Well you can TRY the Real Alternative, which DOES give you a directshow filter for Real Media types. Maybe that all by itself would allow you to import them. :slight_smile:

(Uninstall RealPlayer FIRST, then install Real Alternative…)

If that fails, yeah you’ll need a special converter to take it from RMVB to some sort of lightly compressed (or uncompressed) AVI, and THEN you can import it into NVE.