RMPS probs

hey all, a friend of mine made me an iso wich i want to burn with RMPS enabled, but whenever i try to burn the dvd with this option enabled, its gives the message: “Cant start RMPS process, something failed”
anyone got a clue what this message means and how it can be helped?
thanks in advance.

There’s another RMPS thread that might be of help. It’s a couple of threads below this one.

How was the original made, what is it an image of, what protection exists?

I have the exact same problem with an image of a securom game (HOMM V)I made with alcohol.
I have recorded similar images in the past successfully (e.g. I have made a perfectly working RMPS backup of TR: Legend).
The only thing changed for me is the brand of the DVD-R disc used. And of course the game.
Any ideas?

Are you sure its protected by SecuRom? Previous versions have used a mixture of SafeDisc and StarForce.

It’s secuROM 7.
I was wondering if the media brand could be a factor, since I don’t have any other brand at hand to test it. And I haven’t used this brand before (datawrite 16x, TDK dye).

What speed are you obtaining the DPM at?

Quite funny how people claim they made an image of a game that is not yet released.
UK release date for HoMM V is May 19th and for the US about a week later.

I used 4x reading to make the image.

I just wish that error message was a bit more informative.
“Something Failed” is so generic it 's funny.

And I do have the original. There is always a way to get the games you want a little early.

Either SD or SF protected or am I missing something zamiell :confused:


HOMM V has just been released in NZ, so I assume its out in the States already. Something for the Mods to decide.


Makeabackup.com have previous versions listed with those protections.

I should check the list next time… :o