RMPS Emulation Copy For Alcohol

How do you make an RMPS Emulation copy with Alcohol. The Dvd has a SecuROM 7.27.0016 with 1.01 patch installed. So how do I go about making a backup for this any ideas because im not use to dvds only cds. A step by step guide would be really appreciated because id like to know how to do dvd games like this from now on.

It’s not difficult.

Simply click on the image making wizard with the dvd to be copied in the drive. Check the options for “Skip read errors” and for “Data Position Measurement” and set Precision (for dpm) to “High” from the drop down box.

After you click next, a pop-up box will ask you for the dpm speed you want to use. Select “Max” and proceed from there.

Once the image is made, click on the image burning wizard and load the image you’ve just made from the .mds file. Click next and then select your burning speed and check the option for "Burn “RMPS” to recordable media. Then click Start to commence burning your image.

Is it just that simple to backup my game even tho it has a
SecuROM 7.27.0016 with 1.01 patch installed? Because that would be great ive been searching for weeks on sites but no luck and if this was all I have to do Im one lucky guy.

As I thought I finished making the image but when I went to go burn the image It wont let me go any farther than where you check “Burn RMPS” is there anyway that I can burn this image or is this just a lost cause. Any Instructions on how to do this?

Can you post a screen shot of the problem, a system report from within alcohol may also help

Heh I dunno how to do a screen shot :o … And a system report from within alcohol I also have no idea how to do :o :o now that ive toatly embarrassed myself I will attempt to describe the screen shot.

On the Top It says Please select your favorite CD/DVD recoreder and recording options

CD/DVD Recorder-----------------------------------------------------

CD/DVD {Now theres a White Box which I should be able to pick)
Write Speed {Now theres a white Box which i should be able to pick)

[box you should be able to check] Using Multiple CD/DVD Recorders

Write Options---------------------------------------------------------

Write Method {Another White Box) [nother Box but can check it] Write
Number of copies { Box can pick from} [box i can check] Simulation

And than a box I can check but doesnt help ; Burn “RMPS” to recorable Media…ect ect

Now there was what it looks like :smiley: lol now … a system report no clue… lol

Maybe this heh

[I]System report removed by zamiel[/I]

Do you have any burners listed in the CD/DVD Device Recorder Drop Down List Box or is it greyed out?

greyed out everything is except the boxes you can check and none of those change any of the grey stuff

Try changing your Default Control Interface in Alcohol’s options to the Windows one.

Nope I changed the Interface and deleted the Files and re did the Image Making Wizard but still the Image Burning Wizard doesnt work everything is still greyed out. Any ideas maybe somthing in my settings or what not but it just seems to not wanna work.

Devices control interface: Windows NT/2000/XP ATAPI/SCSI Control Interface
CPU Priority Level: High
Memory Buffer Size (MB): 128
Examine the accuracy of data read from physical device: Yes
Enable Enhanced Weak Sector Scanner during dumping: No
Overburn disc(s): No
Turn off “Auto-Select best write speed” function if possible: No
Fill memory buffer before recording discs: Yes
Book Type DVD+R/DVD+RW disc as DVD-ROM while burning: No
Ignore Media Type: Yes
RMPS (Recordable Media Physical Signature) Emulation: Yes
BAD Sectors Emulation: Yes
Sub-Channel Data Fixed & Emulation: Yes
Laserlock Emulation: Yes
Current Language: English

Your drive is on the supported drive list so that’ll not be the cause. What is it you are trying to burn and how did you make it?

Neverwinter Nights 2 and all I did was put the disk in and I clicked Image Making Wizard. Check Skip Reading Error, And Data Position Measurement and then clicked next and a box came up and put the DPM to Maximam. And voloia I had a Image and it works and everything I can double click it and play the game but I want to copy it so i can take it off my hard drive. Maybe a diffrent program just to Burn it or anything I would like to use Alcohol for the image but if not possible it’s okay. So if there is anything else you need just ask heh

After a push in the right direction (from Phoenix) I checked the drive your system report has listed, a TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2512.

The specifications are:

24X Record CD-R
24X Rewrite CD-RW
24X CD-ROM Read

It appears that the drive you have cannot write DVD’s (single or dual layer), just CD’s and therefore you’ll not be able to get past the screen you are on as you have no DVD writing capability.

Hi all.
I have a question related to this.
If I have an RMPS copy, can I make another copy using the RMPS copy as a source?
Will the secondary copy work with a simple burn from the primary copy or do I need to use some particular options?
I use Alcohol 120% 1.9.2 (1705)


This thread is 2.5 years old and the version you are using is incredibly old and out dated. Please log in to your account and download the latest retail version or if you are using the trial version, please install the latest trial version from the alcohol-soft website.